Pasta in Buttery White Wine Sauce w/ Fresh Tomatoes & Basil

Pasta coated in a buttery white wine sauce with cherub tomatoes, mozzarella, and seasoned with flecks of fresh basil.  Sounds absolutely delicious. I used this recipe as the base for dinner last night, with a small addition of mozzarella pearls. But once again I had to calculate the nutrition information elsewhere (I’ve been using the VeryWellFit nutrition analyzer for that). Why does no one ever post nutrition information with their recipes? It’s really starting to annoy me because frankly it makes a difference as to if I make the recipe or not how many calories it has. Girl is TRYING to be healthy here.

Anyhow… I’m leaving the recipe link and nutrition calculations here for future reference. This calculation includes my addition of 8oz mozzarella pearls.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-07-09_13-08-02.png

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